Thursday, January 19, 2006

Book Review: Comes A Horseman by Robert Liparulo

This is the debut novel by an up and coming new novelist and it's really not too bad. I had my moments when I was drawn into the story, flipping through pages as fast as I could. And then there were other moments when I wanted to throw the book across the room, I was so frustrated. The plot goes like this--Someone is killing people who have had a near-death experience. Two FBI agents get on the case and begin to unveil a plot of massive proportions, including a man who proposes to be the Antichrist. There is a certain point in this book where I get the feeling that this may be the first of a series, or at least there may be a sequel. A certain character sort of gets forgotten about at the end of the story which makes me think that that person will be a big part in the next. That is, unless it was an oversight. My biggest beef with the story is with one of the heroes. Brady, the male part of the FBI team has to be the wimpiest hero in all bookdom! It drove me insane--when he's faced with a life and death situation, he constantly chokes and only his partner, the tough-as-nails Alicia can save they're sorry asses. That's a tough hill to climb out of, but the story did move at a brisk pace and was entertaining enough to keep me reading. Not bad for a debut, but I hope if we see Brady again, he's a little more manly. *** out of *****.

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Mike Springer said...

I don't know. I agree that the main character Brady does get pretty wimpy, but I'd have given it at least 4.5 stars. It's an exciting book to read. And I've known people who had been crushed by some terrible event: the death of a spouse or child, a spouse who fooled around and then left for good... they acted just like Brady (who, remember, was crushed by the death of his wife--18 months hence, true, but who's to say how long it takes to get over something like that?). Brady wasn't just a wimp. First, as the author explained, he wasn't meant to be a field agent; he was a profiler. Second, he was emotionally destroyed by the death of his wife. All told, I think Liparulo did a great job keeping Brady true to character and true to the way someone like that might behave. I also liked that Brady wasn't like the other million hero or anti-hero characters that plague thrillers. He was definitely different, and that's OK, especially seeing that Alicia provided enough testosterone for everyone in the room.