Thursday, October 20, 2005

New Award Show!!

The year is rapidly coming to a close and we all know what's coming don't we? No, not Christmas! It's THE DAVEY'S!! Forget about the Oscars, the Emmys, the eleven award shows on MTV, Peoples Choice Awards, Billboard Awards, and others that don't even deserve mentioning. There's only ONE award that's worth getting and that's a DAVEY! In the upcoming months, I'll be doing some true soul searching to try to figure out exactly who deserves this truly prized award. I'll be picking the very best in the following catagories: Best CD, Best Direct-to-DVD film, Best Novel, Best Television Show and maybe if I have the time, I'll pick best actors and actresses or some junk like that. Julia Roberts won't win, I'll tell you that! And Russell Crowe can stay home! This is for the REAL hard working people in show business, the people who get hardly no exposure or credit. Not the pampered poohbahs like George Clooney and his gaggle of bought freinds! Stay tuned, the list of candidates will be up eventually. Unlike the other awards, I give people the entire year to make the list so if a film comes out on December 31st, it's still in contention for this year's award. Not long after the New Year, the winners will be revealed and some people will rejoice and have a great year and unfortunately, some will cry out and fall into a bottomless pit of self loathing and hatred, but so it goes in the brutal world of entertainment. Until next time, rent the movies I recommend, listen to the CD's of the month and by god, don't watch Snapped!!

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