Friday, August 12, 2005

Book Review: Dance of Death by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Ah yes, another Agent Pendergast novel from Preston and Child, and what a top notch story it is! When we last saw Pendergast, he was bricked up in a wall in a castle in Italy, left for dead. This novel picks up only a few months after those startling events with D'Agosta left to try to solve the puzzling note from Pendergast's brother Diogenes all alone. Diogenes gave them a note with only a date written on it, a date that he promises to pull off a terrible crime. D'Agosta has only seven days to figure out the riddle, when one by one Pendergast's friends and associates start being murdered. Diogenes turns out to be just as wiley as his brother but insanely insidious. This novel is an exciting, intriguing and action packed one and a perfect way to spend these hot, lazy days of summer. I give it ****1/2 out of *****. Would have been perfect but for all the shameless plugs of their other novels, kinda bugged me after a while.

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